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Zimba makes at-home whitening accessible and affordable because everyone deserves to smile confidently. We started Zimba because we think everyone should be able to treat themselves to a healthier smile. Our products make whitening your teeth easy, fast, fun, affordable (and tasty!).

Zimba products converge high performance with natural, high-quality ingredients that won’t break the bank. But more than teeth whitening, this is a space created for representation, accessibility and the promotion of confidence.

Join us in the smile revolution!

As Seen In

“If you've got super sensitive teeth, these whitening strips are def for you.”
“What We Like: Flavored, Adheres to teeth and Reasonably priced”
“Zimba white strips also use a gentle chemical formula, making them one of the best teeth-whitening kits for sensitive teeth.”

What our AMAZING Customers have to say

Great Results

I went in thinking it will do just a little bit of help, but it really changed my entire smile and I am confident again to smile after using this product. Thank you! My teeth are finally white again!

- Tim H.

My teeth look whiter!

My teeth look whiter and lighter than ever after this treatment. I was so shocked at the lightening results. The strips grip my teeth very well and they never slipped off my teeth and application was super easy!

- Payton A.

My Little Secret

I was so excited because I “thought” I saw improvement day one - but now I can’t go without everyone saying “wow what’s your secret!”

- George R.

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