5 Benefits of Whitening Your Sensitive Teeth Naturally

5 Benefits of Whitening Your Sensitive Teeth Naturally

5 Benefits of Whitening Your Sensitive Teeth Naturally

Whitening sensitive teeth can be a struggle on its own, but whitening sensitive teeth can be even harder as most products will aggravate your sensitivity. Zimba, on the other hand, offers totally natural whitening solutions to those with even the most sensitive of teeth, keeping your chompers white and your sensitivity down.

Less Sensitivity

The most obvious benefit of whitening your teeth with Zimba products, especially with our Zimba Strips, is that you’ll have less sensitivity. In other strips and whitening products you usually can’t even pronounce the ingredient list, and that’s not a good thing. Those hard-to-pronounce ingredients aren’t doing your sensitive teeth any favors!

Better for Your Oral Health

When we use whitening strips, you may end up accidentally swallowing and absorbing some of the materials in them. With Zimba Strips, you don’t have to worry about any harmful ingredients; we’re all natural!

Less Yellowing in the Long-Run

While using a tooth whitening product that’s full of chemicals, you might see some great results in the short run, but these results won’t last long and might actually cause deeper yellowing in the long run. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Won’t Damage Your Gums

If you have sensitive teeth, then chances are that your gums are sensitive, too. All those harsh ingredients that you find in the other guys’ strips could recede your gums and cause even more sensitivity closer to the root of your tooth. Not a fun time!

Doesn’t Break The Bank

Some of the teeth whitening treatments with the harsh, sensitive causing chemicals are priced very expensive. Now why would you want to pay that kind of money for sensitivity and harsh chemicals? 

But Wait, There’s More!

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