Patented Teeth Whitening Foam Advanced System

$99.97 $59.99

The most advanced, fastest activating, and most effective whitening system on the market.

Whitening Foam
Wireless LED Light
Whitening Tray and Case


  • Penetrates all areas of your teeth
  • Patented formula and application
  • Patented 5-minute system
  • Faster and more even whitening
  • Use with Wireless LED accelerator light
  • 5-minute whitening system
  • Virtually no sensitivity
  • Clinically tested
  • 8 shades lighter in 4 weeks
  • 4 shades whiter than whitening toothpaste alone
  • Safe for daily use


  1. Spray foam on top and bottom of Tray
  2. Insert Wireless LED Light 
  3. Wear for 5 minutes – rinse and repeat once every day